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Check this fantastic skate blog out!
some gnarly images,


“Skate It or Hang It?! The Evolution of…

love it

Downhill Shred(GUEST BLOG)

I like watching these downhill skater girls giving it a good go. Good on them.

This website has some great images and interviews. So check it out.

Nice air. This girl is ripping it up.

I wish there were more girl skaters they have the ability to be as good as any guy. So rip it up women!

Guest post by Justin. View his blog at eruptive designs 

Design your own skateboard

Check this site out!!
design your own deck 

First Photoshoot

We did our first photo/video shoot last saturday, turned out really well got a lot of cool footage from coolangatta and our skating models did a fantastic job, thankyoou Sophie, Ella, Kels & Jenna.
We will be doing another shoot asap, need a bit more footage for a video I’ve been editing, keep an eye out!
Sam x



we <3 girl skaters!

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We also love great images of girls skating

Girls that skate

Girls that skate

searching for girl skaters on the Gold Coast, let us know!
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